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Past Regional Congresses

View programs, abstracts, reports and proceedings from past regional congresses.

African Epilepsy Congress (AEC)

2017 3rd AEC Dakar, Senegal program | report | website
2014 2nd AEC Cape Town, South Africa program | report
2012 1st AEC Nairobi, Kenya program (pdf, 3MB)

Asian and Oceanian Epilepsy Congress (AOEC)

2016 11th AOEC Hong Kong program (pdf, 7.7MB) | report | website
2014 10th AOEC Singapore program | report | website | awards
2012 9th AOEC Manila, Philippines program (pdf, 4.3MB)| awards
2010 8th AOEC Melbourne, Australia program (pdf, 7.3MB) | abstracts
2008 7th AOEC Xiamen, China proceedings
2006 6th AOEC Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia proceedings
2004 5th AOEC Bangkok, Thailand proceedings
2002 4th AOEC Nagano, Japan
2000 3rd AOEC New Delhi, India
1998 2nd AOEC Taipei, Taiwan
1996 1st AOEC Seoul, Korea

Eastern Mediterranean (EMEC)

2017 4th EMEC, Luxor, Egypt report | program | website
2016 3rd EMEC, Dubai, UAE program | report | website | photo gallery 1 | photo gallery 2
2010 2nd EMEC, Dubai, UAE program
2007 1st EMEC Luxor, Egypt

European Congress on Epileptology (ECE)

2016 12th ECE Prague, The Czech Republic report | program | abstracts, satellite symposia, more | awards | website | announcement
2014 11th ECE Stockholm, Sweden program | report | website | awards
2012 10th ECE London, UK program (pdf, 6.2 MB) | abstracts| awards
  2010 9th ECE Rhodes, Greece program (pdf, 15.7MB) | abstracts
  2008 8th ECE Berlin, Germany abstracts
  2007 5th Joint meeting of the German, Austrian & Swiss sections of ILAE, Basle, Switzerland abstracts
  2006 7th ECE, Helsinki, Finland abstracts
  2004 6th ECE, Vienna, Austria abstracts
  2002 5th ECE, Madrid, Spain evaluation & awards
  1998 3rd ECE, Warsaw, Poland abstracts
  1996 2nd ECE, The Hague, Netherlands abstracts
  1994 1st ECE, Oporto, Portugal abstracts

Latin American Congress on Epilepsy (LACE)

  2016 9th LACE Cancún, Mexico program (pdf, 16.9MB) | website
  2014 8th LACE Buenos Aires, Argentina program | report | abstracts | website
  2012 7th LACE Quito, Ecuador program (pdf, 12.1 MB) | awards
  2010 6th LACE Cartagena, Colombia program (pdf, 1.8MB) | abstracts
  2008 5th LACE Montevideo, Uruguay
  2006 4th LACE Guatemala City, Guatemala
  2004 3rd LACE Mexico City, Mexico
  2002 2nd LACE Foz do Iguassu, Brazil
  2000 1st LACE Santiago, Chile

North American Regional Epilepsy Congress

Annual Meetings of the American Epilepsy Society and Biennial Meetings of the North American Regional Epilepsy Congress

  2016 6th North American Regional Epilepsy Congress, Houston, TX, USA report | website | program (pdf, 3.7MB)
  2014 5th North American Regional Epilepsy Congress, Philadelphia, PA, USA educational symposia archive
  2012 4th North American Regional Epilepsy Congress, San Diego, CA, USA program (pdf, 3.3MB)
  2010 3rd North American Regional Epilepsy Congress, San Antonio, TX, USA program (pdf, 4.2MB) | abstracts (pdf, 3.2MB)
  2008 2nd North American Regional Epilepsy Congress, Seattle, WA, USA program (pdf, 4.9MB)
  2006 1st North American Regional Congress, San Diego, CA, USA


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