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Past International Congresses

2015 31st IEC Istanbul, Turkey program | abstracts | report and photos | website | CME credits | Presidential Symposium video

2013 30th IEC Montreal, Canada | program (pdf, 11MB) | abstracts | report & photos | website
2011 29th IEC Rome, Italy program (pdf, 5.6MB) | abstracts
2009 28th IEC Budapest, Hungary program (pdf, 14.8MB) | abstracts
2007 27th IEC Singapore program (pdf, 5MB) | abstracts
2005 26th International Epilepsy Congress, Paris, France abstracts

2003 25th International Epilepsy Congress, Lisbon, Portugal abstracts
2001 24th International Epilepsy Congress, Buenos Aires, Argentina abstracts
1999 23rd International Epilepsy Congress, Prague, Czech Republic abstracts
1997 22nd International Epilepsy Congress, Dublin, Ireland abstracts
1995 21st International Epilepsy Congress, Sydney, Australia abstracts

1993 20th International Epilepsy Congress, Oslo, Norway
1991 19th International Epilepsy Congress, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
1989 18th International Epilepsy Congress, New Delhi, India
1987 17th Epilepsy International Congress, Jerusalem, Israel
1985 16th Epilepsy International Symposium, Hamburg, Germany

1983 15th Epilepsy International Symposium, Washington, D.C., USA
1982 14th Epilepsy International Symposium, London, England
1981 13th Epilepsy International Symposium, Kyoto, Japan
1980 12th Epilepsy International Symposium, Copenhagen, Denmark
1979 11th Epilepsy International Symposium, Florence, Italy

1978 10th Epilepsy International Symposium, Vancouver, Canada
1977 ILAE 13th Congress/IBE 9th Symposium, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
1976 IBE/ILAE 8th International Symposium, Dublin, Ireland
1975 IBE 7th European Symposium, Berlin, Germany
1974 IBE 6th European Symposium, Brussels, Belgium

1973 ILAE and IBE Congress, Barcelona, Spain
1972 IBE 5th European Symposium, London, England
1971 IBE 4th European Symposium, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
1970 IBE 3rd European Symposium, Marienlyst, Denmark
1969 ILAE and IBE Meeting, New York, NY, USA

1968 IBE European Institute, Dunblane, Scotland
1967 IBE European Institute, Paris, France
1965 ILAE/IBE Meeting, Vienna, Austria
1961 ILAE Meeting, Rome, Italy
1957 ILAE Meeting, Brussels, Belgium

1953 ILAE Meeting, Lisbon, Portugal
1949 ILAE Meeting, Paris, France
1946 ILAE Meeting, New York, NY, USA
1939 ILAE Meeting, Copenhagen, Denmark
1935 ILAE Meeting, Lingfield, England

1931 ILAE Meeting, Bern, Switzerland
1913 ILAE Meeting, London, England
1912 ILAE Meeting, Zurich, Switzerland
1910 ILAE Meeting, Berlin, Germany
1909 ILAE Meeting, Budapest, Hungary
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