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ILAE Topic-Oriented Commissions

In every four-year term, the President and the Executive Committee appoint Topic-Oriented Commissions and Task Forces to carry out work for the ILAE. These bodies involve individual members trans-nationally.

The following list of Topic-Oriented Commissions and chairs links to the website for each Commission.

Commission on Classification and Terminology (Chair: S Zuberi)
Commission on Diagnostic Methods (Chair: I Bluemcke)
Commission on Education (Chair: J Carrizosa)
Commission on Epidemiology (Chair: D Thurman)
Commission on Genetics (Chair: D Lowenstein)
Commission on Medical Therapies (Chair: P Kwan)
Commission on Neurobiology (Chair: M DeCurtis)
Commission on Neuropsychiatry (Chair: K Kanemoto)
Commission on Pediatrics (Chair: J Wilmshurst)
Commission on Surgical Therapies (Chair: B Rydenhag)


Commission and Task Force Reports Intended for Publication

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