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The International League Against Epilepsy is a medical association comprised of physicians, basic scientists and other health care professionals. Our mission is to provide members with the educational and research resources that are essential in understanding, diagnosing and treating persons with epilepsy. We accept sponsorship from pharmaceutical companies, medical product companies and other health related organizations, provided sponsorship adheres to ILAE rules in terms of transparency and ethical code.

Through our international and regional congresses, workshops and other programs, sponsors are provided with the opportunity to:

  • Present new clinical data and product information to a targeted customer base
  • Support epilepsy education through unrestricted educational grants
  • Demonstrate commitment to improving the quality of life for people with epilepsy

2015 Funding Sources

Industry related income is 35.5% of overall income, and non-industry related income is 64.5%. The highest amount received from a single company is 6.1% of the total income.

2015 Industry Sponsors

ILAE Income Sources 2015

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